Google Maps Snake

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Google Maps Snake

For April Fool's Day 2019, Google created Google Maps Snake, a modern take on Snake. The Google Maps app brings snake gameplay to real-world streets and cities.

Cairo, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo are among the cities players can play in. Avoid structures and other cars to collect as many passengers as possible in the game.

Players swipe in different directions to lead the snake in Google Maps Snake Game, which is easy to play. Fun and quirky graphics and acoustic elements make the game entertaining and lighthearted.

Google Maps Snake Game, originally introduced as an April Fool's Day joke, was a hit with players. The game was then made permanent in Google Maps, allowing participants to play anytime.

Google Maps Snake is a clever and amusing spin on Snake, using real-world locales with a funny twist. If you like vintage arcade games or want a fun way to kill time, try Google Maps Snake.

Google Maps Snake


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